Actually explain what I do is a bit difficult... I've working on multiple support levels, as system administration and now as Database Administrator (DBA).

Maybe "engineer" and "curious" are two words that define me, If you put both together, you'll find someone that is focused on open-source software cause I need to know what's happening "under the surface". Maybe Oracle is not the best example for that but I'll always try to get to the bottom of any problem/issue and solve it.

Other adjective that defines me is "idle", as a workmate says, an idle sysadmin will automate everything "to infinity and beyond!" cause this kind of person hates repetitive tasks and you'll never need to worry any more about this kind of tasks. The true part of this is that I hate the repetitive tasks and I'll automate it all, what I differ from a real idle is that I write documentation about everything I do and I work really hard.

Finally, work is not everything for me, my family and practice sport take the rest of my time.